Quality Management

Encapsulation MachineGoldenGate Nutritionals’s quality guarantee is made possible by our NSF certified ProfileProven® Quality Assurance System that guarantees product potency, safety, and integrity From Field to Finished Product®.

In choosing GoldenGate Nutritionals for encapsulation and bottling, you can confidently rely on an internal and outside laboratory testing program with a decade long track record, that provides the full range of services your brand requires, including:

NIR (Near Infrared):
Botanical ingredient identification

Potency testing on a range of active and marker compounds

Potency testing
Adulterant screening
Research and Development

Microbiological testing on all batches of customer finished products

Outside Lab Testing:
Pesticide Screens
Solvent Residues
Heavy Metals
Nutrition Facts


Unlike other companies, who often generate stability information by estimation, or calculation, GoldenGate Nutritionals maintains a full stability program (accelerated and real-time), through use of our in-house stability chamber and testing facilities.